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John Mayer vs. Taylor Swift

John Mayer and Taylor Swift have been battling each other in the media for about as long as they've known each other. In the latest issue of Rolling Stone John tells the magazine that Taylor's song Dear John, about him, really bothered him.

“I never did anything to deserve that [song]. It was a really lousy thing for her to do . . . I know she’s the biggest thing in the world, [but] that’s bull[bleep].”

Of course he's never offended any of his past loves... remember when he said Jessica Simpson was sexual napalm?!

The duo almost had a face-to-face  at a restaurant in L.A. on Tuesday night after the Rolling Stone article was published.

“Taylor very visibly — in front of the entire restaurant — demanded to be moved to the other side,” our spy said. “The bar’s usually an oasis of calm and privacy for celebrities and power players, but this was drama central.”

And this probably won't be the end...


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