John Mayer Regrets His Comments About Ex-Girlfriends

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Is John Mayer learning to be a gentleman?

Two years after his candid comments about his relationships and sex life with ex-girlfriends Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson, the singer has admitted that he now realizes he shouldn’t have been quite so candid.

On NPR’s All Things Considered Saturday, he admitted that he had nothing else to say and didn’t want to be boring. It seems that period in his life was one where he didn’t want to share what was going, but feared being branded as “boring”.

At that time, Mayer told Rolling Stone magazine that he had not really gotten over Aniston and called their break-up one of the worst times in his life. In an interview with Playboy, he called Simpson his “cocaine” and that sexually they were crazy, like “napalm, sexual napalm.”

But the years since those comments have made Mayer older and wiser. He plans to be more tight-lipped and revealed that when you’re just open and not honest, you start “free-associating garbage.” He can’t turn back time to change those comments, but he understands things better now.


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