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John Lennon 1969 Interview, Says 'Let It Be' Was 'Torture' (Audio)

The Beatles album "Let it Be" was their final release, in May of 1970, but was actually recorded in January 1969.

Because of conflicts within the band, captured on the "Let It Be" documentary film, the album was shelved and the Beatles went on to record Abbey Road.

A tape-recorded interview featuring DJ Howard Smith, John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1969 recently went up for auction, noted

In part of the two-reel interview (audio below), Lennon described how recording "Let It Be" (then called "Get Back") was "torture" and "going through hell."

The Beatles had not yet broken up, but Lennon suggests several times that this might be their last album.

“We were going through hell. We often do. It’s torture every time we produce anything. The Beatles haven’t got any magic you haven’t got. We suffer like hell anytime we make anything, and we got each other to contend with. Imagine working with the Beatles, it’s tough. There’s just tension. It’s tense every time the red light [in the studio] goes on," said Lennon.

Lennon adds: "It's a strange album, we never finished it. We never finished the album. We never quite finished the songs. There are bits of us moaning and shouting. It’s the Beatles with their suits off... I don't know personally if there will ever be anymore Beatle product with the four of us on it again.'"

Phil Spector would be called in to finish the album in March 1970, but Paul McCartney has often said how unhappy he was with the final result even though the Beatles won the Academy Award for Best Original Song Score in 1970 for the film "Let It Be."

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