Joey Chestnut Wins 7th Hot Dog Eating Contest (Video)


Joey Chestnut ate a record 69 hot dogs (including buns) in ten minutes to win his 7th Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest today.

Chestnut won $10,000 and a champion's belt. Last year, Chestnut won the competition by gulping down 62 hot dogs, noted the Daily Mail.

"This year I'm trying to eat a little more gracefully, conserve my energy," said Chestnut.

Matt Stonie came in second place with 51 hot dogs.

Sonya Thomas, also known as the "Black Widow," ate 37 hot dogs to win the women's competition, while Juliet Lee came in second with 36 hot dogs.

"I have to fight with myself, so I'm going to try to really focus,' said Thomas, who manages a fast-food restaurant.

Source: Daily Mail


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