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Joe Jackson Withdraws Bid for Monthly Allowance from Michael's Estate

Michael Jackson’s father, Joe, has withdrawn his request for a monthly cash handout from the late King of Pop’s estate.

A court filing says the Jackson patriarch is revoking his request for a monthly allowance of more than $15,000 – so he can pursue his wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray.

You’ll remember that papa Joe was left out of Jackson’s will altogether, but that didn’t stop him requesting a monthly cash injection from his dead son’s estate.

Lawyers for Jackson’s estate were strongly opposed to Joe’s cash claim, with executors filing papers to ensure he never received a cent.

Word is Joe was after $20,000 a month from the estate – they offered him $10,000. His people now say he’s got enough cash to get by with for now.

Best of all was his estranged wife’s instructions to the Estate. “Don’t give that old goat more than 10,000,”TMZ quotes her as saying.

Joe’s still got dough on the brain, though. Realistically, all he’s done is changed benefactors. He’s after a minimum of $75,000 from Murray in his lawsuit.

Money, money, money!


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