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"America's Got Talent" Contestant: Wife Murdered, Posed to Look Like a Fall

Do you remember back in October I wrote about the America's Got Talent guy who went to an audition despite the fact his wife had just died? Well, he is back in the news. His name is Joe Finley and he gave an interview to Radar. He says that his wife did not fall 8 stories to her death. Joe says that his wife was raped, strangled and robbed and then someone carried her body down 8 flights of stairs and then posed her like she had fallen. Huh? Yep. That is what he believes.

"I believe she was raped, killed and her body was moved, (to the bottom of the staircase) and the scene was staged to make it look as though she'd fallen to her death."

He also says that there is yet to be released evidence which will support his claims and that he has been forced to hire a private investigator to find out how his wife died because police will not tell him anything. He says this is "a rape gone too far." This guy is a piece of work. I know the police have not named him as a suspect, just a person of interest, but he is still a piece of work. Who goes to an audition after seeing a picture of your dead wife at the bottom of some stairs only wearing panties? How did he know she had been strangled just by looking at a photo? He told police she had been strangled. (Thanks lyz)


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