Jodie Foster: Mel Gibson "Most Loved Man in Film Business"

If Jodie Foster is on drugs, I want me some of them, because in her world, glittery unicorns probably fart rainbows. She believes Mel Gibson is:

“the most loved man in the film business.”

Yup. I kid you not. That’s what Jodie thinks. She told Extra that Mel is an:

incredible and loyal friend who will hopefully emerge soon from his rough time.

He is incredibly loved by everyone that’s ever come into contact with him or works with him. He is truly the most loved man in the film business, so, hopefully that stands for something."

While I realize that none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes, I think Mel kind of saturated that market, yes? More than one time - and even though his conversations with Oksana were private, you can’t deny what you heard.

Even in the most foul of moods, I doubt the average person spews that much hatred or racial slurs. He did it when he was arrested for DUI and he did it in those private phone conversations.

Methinks Jodie Foster is in denial.


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