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Jimmy Kimmel Slams Jay Leno

Jimmy Kimmel has a couple of words for Jay Leno -- during a media panel in New York City Kimmel was asked what he thought of Jay Leno, Kimmel replied, “F**k him.”

via GossipCop

Kimmel added the “most fun” he’s ever had on his show was when he famously impersonated Leno in 2010, right after Leno had wrestled the “Tonight Show” away from Conan O’Brien.

He also said that his “proudest moment” was when he used an appearance on Leno’s short-lived prime-time show the following night to throw the Conan incident in his face.

Wow!! The fact that Kimmel moves to an 11:35pm start on ABC to go head to head with Leno and David Letterman could make this late-night race that much more interesting to watch!


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