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Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Teach Daughter, 22, How To Kiss (Video)

Reality TV stars Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar gave some premarital advice to their daughter Jessa, 22, and her fiance Ben Seewald on how to kiss.

The awkward lesson was broadcast on the March 17 episode of the TLC reality TV series "19 Kids and Counting," noted Us Weekly.

The counseling began with a workbook the Duggar parents are using to teach Jessa and Ben (video below).

Michelle and Jim Bob explained how the "physical relationship" in marriage is the main focus for men, while "communicating" is what women value the most.

The Duggars also demonstrated how to kiss without bumping noses.

The episode was filmed months ago.

Jessa and Ben did not share their first kiss during their wedding, but rather on their honeymoon night in November 2014.

According to UPI, Jessa mentioned on this episode that she would not have gotten married if she didn't want to have children. Jessa also mentioned her sister Jill's pregnancy:

"I'm really excited to have a new niece or nephew I'll get to spoil. It just makes me stop and think man, that could be Ben and I pretty soon. I guess I'm ready for it. I mean, I don't think I'd be getting married if I didn't think I was ready to start a family."

Sources: Us Weekly, UPI
Image Credit: TLC Screenshot


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