Jessica Simpson "Can Lose or Gain 20 Pounds a Week"

Apparently Jessica Simpson has a never-before-seen talent that she is sharing with the world via an interview she did with USA Today. "I can gain 20 pounds and lose 20 pounds in one week... it's pretty amazing."

It is amazing. I thought she was exaggerating or something, but then she added that little part about it being pretty amazing. Like it is a talent or something. Umm, is it even possible to gain 20 pounds in a week? I am a very large guy, and even I think with my voracious appetite that I could not gain 20 pounds in one week. What would you have to eat to gain it? Would you go by sheer calories or would you eat heavy foods? How does one go about trying to gain that much weight in one week?

Now, as for losing 20 pounds in one week, I think would actually be easier. You might end up killing yourself, but I think it could be done. I know, Jessica is probably joking, but I guarantee there will be someone who reads it and wonders why they too cannot lose 20 pounds in a week.


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