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Jessica Simpson Launching New Maternity Line

Jessica Simpson is about to embark on another new chapter of her life – no, not motherhood, but designing a new line of designer maternity wear!

Jessica and her Jessica Simpson Collection will be joining forces with Destination Maternity to design a new line of fashionable maternity wear. Jessica believes that mothers-to-be want to wear clothes that are flattering to baby bumps and lets them show off their bumps as well.

The line will launch this Fall and will be sold across the US at Motherhood Maternity, Destination Maternity and Macy’s. The line will include vintage tops, form fitting knit dresses and chunky realized sweaters.

What won’t the line include? Sky-high heels like the ones Simpson swore she would give birth in. She joked to Us Weekly about those infamous heels in November. However, in her third trimester, the heels had to go.


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