Jessica Simpson No Homewrecker: Boyfriend Filed for Divorce

I really didn’t know how else to headline this story.  I think the heat has melted part of my brain. This whole deal with headlines screaming ‘Jessica Simpson and Her Married Boyfriend’ is so lame it’s tragic, because then the very same article goes on to state he filed for divorce from his wife in January.  So why are you trying to make the headline scandalous, when, in fact, in his mind, his wife’s mind, their families’ minds, they are NOT married?

Married means committed to sharing a life together and living in the same house (for the most part, unless, of course, there is travelling for business involved and/or someone has to rush out and get a bucket of chicken or something).

Jessica and her boyfriend, tight end (I would like proof, please and thanks) Eric Johnson, have been dating for 5 weeks. He isn’t cheating on his wife, Jessica isn’t a home wrecker (and don’t even get me started on how everyone LOVES to blame the woman, even though men really do have choices to cheat or not. Shocking, I know), they aren’t hiding the relationship, it’s all out in the open. In fact Jessica spends time with his family.

I can understand the big deal if he was simply separated (and newly separated at that), and/or he was wavering on filing for divorce. But filing for divorce is pretty clear: the marriage is over. The girl deserves happiness. She’s had way too many douches in her life.

It just really burns my biscuits when they have headlines that are ridiculous. This rant has concluded. To see a picture of the two you can go here.

Photo:  WENN


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