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Jessica Simpson Doesn't Wear Shoes in Public Bathroom

Someone took this photo of Jessica Simpsonyesterday. We know it is Jessica Simpson because she posted it to her Twitter with the caption, "short girl problems." In the photo she is sitting on a toilet in Bergdorf Goodman. When I look at this photo, two things immediately come to mind. The first is who took the photo?

Unless there is a mirror right there which you can stare at the entire time you are sitting, then she would have had to call someone in to take the photo or maybe she always has someone with her in case she needs help with something?

The other thing that comes to mind is why would you take your shoes off there? Yes, I know it is a fine store and this might even be a semi-private bathroom, but it is still a public bathroom and you are barefoot in it. Is that bidet next to it? Have you ever seen one in a department store?


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