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How Jessica Biel Stays Fit

Actress Jessica Biel's hike to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro last year (09) has awakened an adventurous streak in the self-confessed "adrenalin junkie."

The Easy Virtue star joined actor Emile Hirsch among other celebrities for the charity climb - and now she has a checklist of adventures she wants to tackle before she dies. She tells Glamour magazine,

I want to scuba dive a sunken ship. I would like to sail around some part of the world and live on a boat.

"I (also) have a love of Egyptology. I would like to go there (Egypt) and see the Pyramids. (I wanted) to be Indiana Jones and dig for bones and find mummies."

She also tells the mag what she does to stay healthy:

“I like to do a couple of yoga classes during the week, mixed in with weight training sessions for strength. I hike and walk my dogs a lot. It keeps me very clear-headed.”

I just have to say those weight training sessions are paying off, because I just saw the movie Valentine's Day, and her arms are RIPPED! 

Check out what Jessica also had to say about fashion, and her A-Team character, by visiting Glamour.


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