Jessica Biel Had No Say in her Engagement Ring

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Jessica Biel says that when it came time for Justin Timberlake to propose to her she had no say in the engagement ring.

In an interview with InStyle magazine for their August issue, in which she covers, Jessica told the mag,

“I had no say whatsoever [in the ring],” says the actress. “I don’t micromanage.”

“He is fearless in his choices and has a real eye for design. And I’ll be honest: He has better taste than I do.”

As for life with Justin when getting ready in the morning they play it like a team,

“When I walk out of the closet after getting dressed in the morning, I’ll go like this [turns palms upward as if to say, 'Well?'] And he goes like this [shakes his head no]. Then he picks again. It’s hilarious.”

She admits not only is Justin a good person, but he inspires her saying,

“It is important to me to have a partner who is loving and fun — someone who inspires me,”explains Biel. “And he must be a good person.”

Now that's true love! Right?


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