Jessica Biel Disappointed With Small Engagement Ring

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Jessica Biel is rumored to have finally gotten her wish with longtime boyfriend Justin Timberlakeproposing to her.

Biel was spotted on the red carpet of  the Golden Globe without her engagement ring leaving everyone wondering were they or weren’t they engaged?

The National Enquirer is reporting that the couple are in engaged, but Jessica didn’t like the engagement ring because it was too small.

A source claims,

“When Justin proposed to Jessica, she was disappointed with his choice of ring. Jessica isn’t a fancy girl, but she wanted something stunning – a bigger diamond that would impress her friends. Instead, Justin went more minimal, thinking she’d prefer something less flashy.”  The insider continued, “Jessica told Justin that although she was moved by his proposal, she wanted a ring with more bling. He was very understanding and told her that she deserves to have what she wants.  To placate her, Justin has not only enlisted his mom for help with the ring, but he’s going to propose all over again.”

The National Enquirer is not the most credible source leaving the story questionable at best.  What do you think – did Jessica really have Justin buy her another ring?


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