Jessica and Ashlee Simpson Start Clothing Line for Tweens


Jessica Simpson is teaming up with her sister Ashlee Simpson to create a new clothing line aimed at tweens.

The new line will be part of the Jessica Simpson Collection and will feature sportswear and activewear with a “girly, playful attitude,” According to WWD.

When the music career fails, sell clothes.

“Creating a tween apparel collection was a natural extension for the brand. I’m excited to bring my sister, Ashlee, along as co-creative director of this division, because she brings a savvy rocker edge that defines today’s tweens.”

Ashlee is equally excited.

“My goal as co-creative director will be to design clothes that will help inspire young girls to express their personalities and creativity through fashion.”

I wish I could knock this venture, but I’m sure it will be a success.

The Simpsons’ tween clothing line will be available starting this fall.


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