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Jesse James' Porn Star Ex is Terrible Mother to Their Daughter

This situation would be so much better if Sandra Bullock were still with Jesse James. Now, though, Jesse James has a big dent in his parenting armor. It sucks to think he might be spewing some kind of Nazi stuff around 6-year-old Sunny. That being said, putting Sunny anywhere near her mother would just be the worst thing ever.

In advance of the latest custody hearing against Janine, Jesse filed some court documents and TMZ got a hold of them. There is one really scary story. It happened about two years ago. Jesse's sister got a call from Janine saying that Janine was letting Sunny drive the car, because Janine was too whacked out on tequila and drugs to drive them both for munchies. Jesse's sister rushed over to Janine's house, and found Janine passed out in the car in the garage with Sunny in the car. Who in the hell does that to their child? Can you imagine if she had actually got the car running?

There was also another declaration from Jesse's brother in-law, who says that he has gone to strip clubs to see Janine perform. Kind of creepy, but whatever. He says that he saw her do coke before stripping, and that Janine asked him to get her a bunch of prescription drugs.

Please, Sandra. Take Sunny to live with you.


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