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Sandra Bullock "Proud" of Jesse James for Entering Rehab

Jesse James – who underwent treatment for rumoured sex addiction after it emerged he had cheated on Sandra Bullock – admits he confessed everything about his infidelities, after previously telling a string of lies to cover his tracks. Big of him to admit it after he got caught, LOL. He recently said:

I told her basically everything, that I had affairs outside of our marriage… I think she had her suspicions but I lied my way out of it. I lied to everyone, even myself. I told her I was going to get help and she told me she was proud of me."

Jesse also spoke of his heartbreak at seeing Sandra with four-month-old adopted son Louis Bardo – who she cares for as a single parent following their marriage split – but admits he understands why he had to be excluded from the legal process. He added in a forthcoming interview on US TV show ‘Nightline’:

The photographs of them made me sad. But I realise why things had to be done in a certain way.  To see her in the role as mother is, like, one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. She is like a fish to water… as soon as she put that baby into her hands, it was automatic and amazing."


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