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Jesse James Went on "Nightline" for Selfish Reasons

As I trudged through what seemed like 4 hours of Jesse James last night on Nightline, I kept asking myself: why exactly is he going on television and doing this? I came to the conclusion that he is doing it because he loves fame and attention and making money off his fame, and he was doing it for himself and for his future earning prospects.

He says in the interview that he loves Sandra Bullock, and that he would love to get back together with her. He probably would, but again, I think for his own selfish purposes. Do you think Sandra wanted him on Nightline and Good Morning America and everywhere else his interview has been teased? It has been talked about for a week. A good solid week that Sandra has had to relive all the things that happened to her, and another week where all her marriage drama played to a world wide audience.

I think, if he really did love her, that he would have stayed quiet and stayed silent, and let her start to live her life and to move on and forward. That can't happen as long as the mistresses keep coming out and her soon-to-be-ex husband keeps going on national television explaining why he is such a bad guy and "oh, by the way, someone please sign me up for a reality show and come spend your money with me."

See video clips of Jesse James on Nightline here.


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