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Jesse James Hooks Up With Kat Von D?

We all know that Jesse James definitely has a type. She has to be super skinny, dark haired and tattoo’d up beyond belief. Enter Kat Von D.

Even though Kat was said to be dating Motley Crue bassist, Nikki Sixx, she was spotted sharing a nice dinner with Jesse James in Las Vegas on Saturday.

I highly doubt that they were talking about how much they just love their significant others, considering they were canoodling over rock shrimp and Caesar salad. At the end of their intimate dinner, they were seen holding hands.

In April, we published a story about Kat hooking up with Bam Margera. Kat had a bit of a tizzy, denying the rumors then. Nikki took to his MySpace page to whine about people making stuff up, but has since removed the post.

They continued to hold hands until they exited the restaurant and took off in Jesse’s Mercedes. Ball’s in your court, Kat and Nikki, we know you’ve got something to say about this. Or do you? 

source: Jesse James Spotted With Kat Von D - [popeater]

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