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Jesse James' Ex-Wife Janine Lindemulder: He's a "Chronic Cheater"

It seems like the trouble has just begun for Sandra Bullock's estranged husband Jesse James. In one fell swoop, his ex-wife says he is a "chronic cheater," another woman has come out of the woodwork claiming an affair, and there's word of a past sexual harassment lawsuit.

First the ex-wife's story. Porn star Janine Lindemulder tells In Touch magazine that James cheated on her, too -- and just a few weeks after they got married in 2002. Lindemulder, who is living in a halfway house in Oregon following a tax evasion conviction, said she caught him when he sent her a text message intended for another woman.

She also claims James pursued her after they divorced and he began dating Bullock.

"I remember at one point, about six months after he started dating Sandra, when he asked me to come by the [motorcycle] shop," she recalled. "I told him, 'No way.' Later, he texted me, 'Thank God you didn't come by, because we would have been bad.'"

Lindemulder also says two weeks after James and Bullock got married, she got a call from her ex-husband. "He said, 'I want to come up to Oregon. I think I made a huge mistake,'" she said.

"I feel sorry for Sandra because she was so in love with Jesse that she was blind and gullible," said Lindemulder. [Bullock] once said, 'I finally have a man who has my back.' And all I could think was, 'No, you have this man who does it behind your back,'" she said.

Now to this other "other woman." According to a report in Star magazine, a woman named Melissa Smith claims she had a two-year affair with James while he was married to Bullock. She is a tattoo-covered stripper, just like the other alleged mistress, Michelle McGee. Star writes:

In the April 5 issue of Star -- on sale today -- the sexy blonde stripper spills the exclusive details of her affair with the Jesse -- including unprotected sex, kinky requests and intercourse on his office couch.

Like Michelle, Melissa first made contact with Jesse online. But he reached out to her via MySpace in September 2006 (a year after he married Sandra) when he saw a photo of her on the Web site posing in front of a car at a West Coast Choppers party in Long Beach, Calif.

As far as the sexual harassment lawsuit, TMZ is reporting that a former high level, female executive withWest Coast Choppers, James motorcycle shop, settled a sexual harassment lawsuit against James for $725,000 in 2007.

The woman claimed that between 2006 and 2007, while James was married to Bullock, he repeatedly made sexual advances, which included sexual acts. TMZ reports:

The woman kept several suggestive emails from Jesse. In one email in 2007, which is included in the file, Jesse wrote to the woman, "Need anything before I split?" She responded, "Some Tums." Jesse replied, "I have some special fluid that you can drink and it makes it all better ...."

And, she claims after an oral encounter with Jesse, she kept a telltale Clintonesque T-shirt.

The woman quit in 2007. In the settlement documents, James neither admitted nor denied the allegations.


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