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Jesse Eisenberg Gives Awkward, Rude Interview For 'Now You See Me' Movie

This interview did not go well for Jesse Eisenberg and reporter, Romina Puga, from Univision on her show Say My Name With Romina.

Eisenberg sat down with to talk about his new movie, Now You See Me. The pair, however, did not get off to a good start and the interview never recovered.

“Freeman? What are you on a baseball team with him," Eisenberg said when Puga called Eisenberg's co-star, Morgan Freeman, Freeman. “Don’t call Morgan Freeman ‘Freeman’ like you’re on a little league softball team with him."

Puga then went on to try to move the interview along, but things just got more awkward and rude for her.

Eisenberg called her the "Carrot Top of interviewers" and told her "don’t cry now, cry after the interview is over.”

Puga had some words for Eisenberg after the interview.

“Jesse Eisenberg is the quick-witted bully you think he is," Puga said. "He’s smart, sharp, and mean.”

She also called the interview “tortuous.”

“Jesse Eisenberg is the quick-witted bully you think he is. He’s smart, sharp, and mean.” She called the interview “tortuous.”

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