What was Worse for Italy: The Black Death or 'Jersey Shore' Visit?


The Jersey Shore girls leaving a laundromat in Florence, Italy (5/25)

I don't know what's been more devastating to the city of Florence, Italy: the Black Death pandemic of 1348 or the Jersey Shore invasion of 2011. From the Chicago Sun Times:

Officials in Florence, Italy, are upset about the hoopla following the "Jersey Shore" cast as they party on raucously around the ancient Tuscan city.

"As you can imagine, the city fathers of Firenze [the Italian name of Florence] are not pleased. . . . This is not contributing to the centuries of culture that we have become known for," snipped a city official.

Da Vinci. Michelangelo. Galileo. Is anyone surprised that the contributions made by these men and the "centuries of culture" they brought to their country has been flushed down the toilet by these greaseballs in less than a month? These walking petri dishes have done more damage to the Italian reputation of quality than Fiat and Steve Buscemi combined.

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