Jersey Shore Delayed Again: Come Back to America


Apparently the mayor of Florence, Italy is having second thoughts about the whole Jersey Shore thing going on in Florence.

MTV had finally been given permits to shoot in town as long as they observed a bunch of restrictive rules which will make this season really, really boring and challenge the skills of a team of editors. One thing the cast still had going for it though was the chance to film at some of the great landmarks of Florence.

This was necessary because basically the show is turning into a film at the house or nowhere else kind of thing and you could have done that on a backlot in Los Angeles and just superimposed some Italian shots on a green screen.

Now though, the mayor has yanked some of the permits which would have allowed filming at the landmarks and MTV is going to have to work to get them back.

The airport scenes in the US had already started filming and the cast was ready to leave when the announcement was made.

They should just pull the plug now. Is filming in Italy really going to be that much better than another summer in Jersey?


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