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'Jersey Shore' Cast Gets in Bar Fight

The cast of Jersey Shore has started their sixth season with a massive bar fight at a bar in Seaside Heights, NJ on Friday.

The Situation, Pauly D and Ronnie, as well as Ryan Labbe from Pauly D Project and JWoww’s boyfriend Roger Mathews were involved in the brawl and thrown out of the bar.

The guys from Jersey Shore claim it was self-defense and they were NOT the ones who swung first according to TMZ.  Two guys were said to be taunting the cast all night and security at the club even tried to get them to leave.   The guys refused to leave and threatened to “knock out” Roger and of a friend of Pauly D’s named Ryan Labbes.  Ultimately, the first punch was thrown at Pauly D and all hell broke loose.

It is being reported that Ronnie,  Roger and The Situation were simply helping their friend.

Something tells me we won’t find out what really happened until Season 6 premieres.

The only injury reported was to JWoww, who sprained her ankle.

Thankfully, a pregnant Snooki was not there, especially since she was battling her own scandal this weekend.

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