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Jermaine Jackson: I Only Make $12,000 A Year

Now I know why Jermaine Jackson is always using his wife's credit cards. It is so he can say he has no money for child support. TMZ has obtained documents which Jermaine filed because he wants his child support payments reduced from $3000 per month to $215 a month. Yep. What an ass. He says in the court papers that he only makes $1,100 a month, so he can't afford to take care of his children, and that he really should not have to, since the mother of his kids and his kids live in the Jackson family compound.

I find it really, really difficult to believe that Jermaine is only making $12K a year. In the past year, I know he has gone out of town on gigs, and I doubt he was doing them for free. I guarantee you he made more than $12K at each one of them.

He could go play the casino circuit and make money. He gets no sympathy from me. It is one thing if someone really can't get a job, so can't afford to pay child support. It is something entirely different when a guy like Jermaine, who can easily make enough to pay child support, instead does everything he can to pay as little as possible.


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