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Jeremy London Claims He was Kidnapped, Forced to Smoke Crack

This story seems too crazy not to be true. Actor Jeremy London claims that last week, while changing a flat tire, he was kidnapped by gang members, held at gunpoint, and forced to smoke crack. 

Radar Online reports:

London, 37, was attempting to change a flat tire on his vehicle when two men stopped to help him, outside the Bahama Hotel & Apartments on North Palm Canyon Drive, late on the evening of Thursday, June 10.

Sergeant Steve Douglas, from Palm Springs Police Department, told the kidnappers forcibly took London and drove him around in his own vehicle, while terrorizing him at gun point. The suspects had a small hand gun, police said.

Somehow a stunned London managed to escape at around 3 o'clock the next morning, the officer added.

"He told officers (during the kidnapping) that he was forced to smoke dope and then purchase booze and hand it out in a gang area of Palm Springs,” Sergeant Douglas told, in an exclusive interview. Sergeant Douglas said London was forced to smoke "dope" -- crack cocaine or amphetamines.

"Jeremy said it was a terrorizing experience,” a source close to the Hollywood actor told, of the dramatic kidnapping incident."He spent hours thinking he was going to die and he did what he had to do not to end up shot or dead."

London, 37, starred on such TV shows as "Party of Five" and "7th Heaven." Suspect Brandon Adams is being held on slightly more than $500,000 bail. Adams, 26, from Palm Springs, has been charged with kidnapping, possession of stolen property, and vehicle theft and carjacking.

A 2004 episode of HBO's "Six Feet Under" dealt with a similar situation. In the episode, titled "That's My Dog," mortician David is captured by a gunman who forces him to drive his mortuary van to buy crack, despite there being a corpse in the back. The gunman then forces David to smoke crack, and finally beats him, douses him with gasoline, and leaves him for dead.


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