Jennifer Love Hewitt Goes Shopping For Sex Toys

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Jennifer Love Hewitt was spotted shopping for sex toys last week in Hollywood. Wait a minute, who was watching all of her cats at home? Mr. Snuggles must have been so lonely! From the New York Post:

Jennifer Love Hewitt was spotted shopping for toys at the Hustler store the other night on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Hewitt was solo and, according to our spy, "had a few pairs of thongs in her hand and was perusing the 'toys' section before making a purchase." Perhaps the actress was doing some research for her new role in the Lifetime series The Client List, in which she plays a Texas mom-turned-prostitute. Her rep didn’t get back to us.

The New York Posts' writers are either comedians or puritans, because nobody believes that J.Love needs to impale herself on dildos to research movies. There could be three reasons why Jennifer needs to buy enormous rubber penises:

1. Research for a Movie of the Week (yeah right)
2. Vagina is beat to hell (possible, but J enjoys the company of seemingly less well-endowed WASPs)
3. Power scissoring (when scissoring that special lady isn't enough, add a doubled-headed kidney masher)

My guess goes with 3, what's yours?


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