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Jennifer Lopez Will Be Tougher on Next Season of 'American Idol'

Jennifer Lopez is considered by many fans of reality television show American Idol to be its nicest judge, but she vows to be much more critical and tougher when the show starts for its eleventh season.

Lopez told People magazine that “we’re a modest tougher on everybody. Because of last season and the standard that we set, it’s simple to go, ‘is he as excellent as even our top 24 from last year?’”

The judge assured viewers that there will be no lack of “incredible” voices and “it’s not like you find people just like that, but the ones that we found, we know are very special.’

She also commented on how she’s getting along with her co-judges Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson, saying “they’re like my brothers and they drive me crazy like brothers, too. But we like each other, which is why we’ve become like a family tree.”


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