Disappointing: Jennifer Lopez Uses Word "Retard" on TV

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I had the television on in the background listening to Jennifer Lopez on Access Hollywood talking about American Idol when I was stopped in my tracks.

She said the word I hate, the word I cringe when I hear – retard.

J. Lo was using the word to describe how she looked when she was crying on American Idol.  She said, she looked like a retard.

I looked up retard on dictionary.com and it is a noun and a verb. Not an adjective.

–verb (used with object)

to make slow; delay development or progress of (anaction, process, etc.); hinder or impede.

- noun
a slowing down, diminution, or hindrance, as in a machine.

Slang: Disparaging

a mentally retarded person.

a person who is stupid, obtuse, or ineffective in some way: a hopeless social retard.

I recently read an article on a blog that will make you stop and think about the use of the word – I know I did.

I am sure J. Lo didn’t set out to insult anyone but as a celebrity she needs to use her words carefully and think before she speaks.



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