Is Jennifer Lopez’s Boyfriend Casper Smart a 'Regular' at Gay Peep Show?


Photos have surfaced showing Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend Casper Smart visiting a gay adult peepshow!

And to make matters worse, Casper was there on Lopez’s 43rd birthday.

So is it possible that Casper was just buying a special birthday gift for J.Lo?

Maybe, but the 25-year-old was never photographed leaving with a purchase or entering the sex shop… just the peepshow!

According to eye witnesses, this isn’t Casper’s first time to the popular gay spot.

“Yeah, I’ve seen him. He was in here about three weeks ago,” says a peepshow regular.

So what goes on in this “peepshow” that has Casper coming back for more?

“This is a gay cruising spot,” says another regular. “You go into the booths, then you get all kind of tapping on the wall and propositions. It’s like zombies.”

Zombies? Umm okay…

Speaking of zombies, Marc “Skeletor” Anthony is not too happy about Casper’s recent trips to the gay XXX peepshow.

“When he saw the pics of Casper coming out of that porn theater, he lost it. He told Jennifer in no uncertain terms: ‘Dump Casper or I’ll take the kids.’ He doesn’t want his children exposed to someone like that anymore,” says an insider.

So could Casper being hiding his true sexuality from Jennifer in order to prolong his relationship and keep his luxurious boy toy lifestyle?

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