Jennifer Lopez Runs Off Stage Crying During Concert

Jennifer Lopez broke down during her performance at the Mohegan Sun Arena's 15th anniversary celebration, in Connecticut.

Lopez had just performed 'I You Had My Love' when she told the audience that the 1999 tune was "the first song I wrote about love." She then shocked the crowd by asking: "What is love? A lot has changed since then." She then started sobbing and had to leave the stage.

Before she fell apart, Lopez had her dancers recreate her important (and failed) relationships while she sang. 

First, a P. Diddy double danced with the JLO-ish female dancer wearing a copy of her infamous slit-down-to-the navel gown, while a double for her ex-husband Cris Judd danced with another Lopez-a-like in jeans.

A twin JLo was wearing the mint green gown that she wore to the Oscars with fiance Ben Affleck.

Then a twosome relived Lopez and Marc Anthony's 'American Idol' performance from May (only weeks before they announced the end of their marriage).

"At the end of the song she started sobbing and had to take a few moments to keep it together," an onlooker told RadarOnline.com.

"She held it together for one song but then ran offstage crying. She only sang a few more songs and she was obviously out of it. Everyone was so sad for her. It was really dramatic."

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