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Jennifer Lopez Laughs at her Collaborations with Now Exes

Though Jennifer Lopez collaborated with a lot of her past lovers, she said she is not embarrassed by it. 

She starred in film "Gigli" with Ben Affleck and recorded a duet with Marc Anthony. She said she enjoys looking back on these memories because they brought her happiness at the time.

"No! No, I'm OK with it. They are all different eras in your life and I honestly get a lot of joy from looking back - and a lot of laughter, even when it didn't work out so great. With distance and time you realize what you learned from it and how absurd certain things were. It was like life and death for me at the time but I look back now and giggle," she said.

She also said she hates watching the news because it is "depressing."

"It's funny, I hate the news, the news is so depressing. When I was younger one of my boyfriends used to call me 'The Pretty In Pink Girl,' as I kind of like pretty-in-pink movies, I don't like horror movies. I just want to be happy and that's how I want to believe the world is," she said.

Sources: Girls Talkin' Smack


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