Jennifer Lopez: I Threatened to Kill Ricky Gervais

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Well, you can take the girl out of The Bronx, but apparently you can't take The Bronx out of the girl. Jennifer Lopez claims she threatened to kill Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes if he said anything offensive about her.

Gervais is under fire for jokes he made at Sunday's show that some people thought were too tough. Lopez said she made sure she wasn't one of his victims.

Lopez claims she met up with Gervais backstage just as he was about to introduce her as a presenter.

"Ricky shows up and I said, 'Listen, I will kill you, you understand. I am from New York, my husband fights… we both fight, we will beat you up after the show' with a couple of bleep bleeps in there," she told "Access Hollywood."

Continuing her media blitz to promote her role as an "American Idol" judge, Lopez said on "The Ellen DeGeneres" show that she "scared" the comedian. 

Whether or not that is true is up for debate, but Gervais did go easy on Lopez when he introduced her.

"She's just Jenny from the block, if the block in question is that one on Rodeo Drive between Cartier and Prada."

Lopez said while she thought that joke was funny, the ones against her fellow celebrities were not.

"He may have hit one or two (jokes) below the belt. Some comments were tough."


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