Bidding War For Jennifer Lopez Honeymoon Sex Tape


Jennifer Lopez’s ex Ojani Noa found himself a loop hole in publishing (read: SELLING) the sex tape they allegedly made during their honeymoon. What a very sentimental d***hebag, yes?

The loophole was he sold it to his girlfriend Claudia Vazquez and she’s the one selling it. It’s always nice when two d***hebags hook up isn’t it? This chick deserves him because if he does this to his ex-wife, there’s no telling what he’ll do to her.

BREAKING: Jennifer Lopez’s Ex Wins: He Can Release Intimate Home Video

The tape was filmed in 1997 and TMZ points out it features some spankin’ and some booty. There are three porn companies involved in the bidding war: Red Light District,, and The bids are around the $40K mark which is low. The reason it’s low? There’s no actual sex.

Lopez 41, has been trying to block the release of the film because under their divorce agreement he was not to publicly discuss (in any form) their marriage. I love me some JLo and she never should be embarrassed or ashamed of anything. She is the whole package in my eyes and she should be happy she’s left that dirtbag in her dust. He and his new girlfriend deserve one another.


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