Jennifer Lopez Dishes on Working With Ex Marc Anthony


Jennifer Lopez appeared on The Today Show where she spoke about her life, her love and her career.

Matt Lauer  began the interview by asking Jennifer about being called People’s Most Beautiful Person in the World?

Lopez stated, ‘It’s weird and it’s great. It’s surreal. I loved that they didn’t pick someone who was 21 years old. At the end of the day they chose to put someone in their 40′s, that was a mom, that’s been in the business for a long time.’

When asked about why it took so long to commit to coming back to American Idol, Lopez said she was  just really tired.  She said it  wasn’t about the money and she really does love the show and loves doing it.

Lopez is working with her soon to be ex-husband, Marc Lopez on a new reality show and is able to continue working with him because they were friends before they were married and they have children together.  Lopez did comment that it is not always easy and there are days where they do not like each other, but Marc will always be in her life.

When asked to clarify some statements about her marriage ending that she made in Vanity Fair, Lopez took the fifth, refusing to discuss it.   She stated that she and Mark agreed not to discuss their divorce any more.   They have children and they wish to keep it private.

Will Jennifer Lopez marry again? Lopez is not ready to think about that yet.  Her divorce is still fresh and she’s not ready to go there.


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