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Jennifer Lopez Dictates Marc Anthony's Performance on AMA

Was anyone else wondering why Jennifer Lopez’s performance at the American Music Awards was over the top while her soon to be ex-husband, Marc Anthony’s performance was barely noticeable?

That is the way J. Lo wanted it.  According to the NY Post,

“J.Lo also would only allow Marc to perform at the AMAs if she performed on the show first and had a much bigger number than him . . . which is what happened. She had two stages and he had half a stage for his later performance. The only thing they shared that night was Pitbull,” who performed with both.

J. Lo danced provocatively in a skin-tight bodysuit on the Sunday night show, with her new, muscled, 24-year-old boy toy, Casper Smart, dancing shirtless nearby.

If Lopez was trying to prove a point to Marc Anthony – it’s safe to say point. proven.  What do you think?


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