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Jennifer Lopez Checks Casper Smart's Phone to see if He's Cheating

Things are going really well between Jennifer Lopez and her 18-years-older boyfriend Casper Smart . . . and by "really well" I mean she's spying on him. So I guess not really well at all.

From In Touch Weekly:

"Jennifer's been checking Casper's phone to see if he's cheating," a close pal tells In Touch.

And according to the friend, after hearing about Casper's secret visit to an exotic massage parlor during their July stay in NYC (which Casper has vehemently denied) -- even stopping by the shady venue the day before her 43rd birthday -- Jennifer is finding it hard to trust her man.

"She hates that she's spying but she can't help it," the friend tells In Touch.

But, says the source, the self-proclaimed hopeless romantic is trying hard to move on, and she is planning a family vacation for after her tour.


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