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Jennifer Lawrence Trips at the Oscars Again (Video)

For the second year in a row, “The Hungers Games” actress Jennifer Lawrence tripped at the Oscars – this time on the red carpet.

The misstep was caught on an E! livestream of the event. As the actress tripped over her red Dior gown, she reached her hand out to the woman in front of her, who was nearly taken down with Lawrence.

Lawrence, who didn’t seem bothered by the fall as she let out a laugh, was helped up by a security guard.

The fall no doubt reminded Lawrence of her 2013 Academy Awards fall as she walked up the stairs to receive her award.

This year, Lawrence was nominated for best supporting actress for “American Hustle.” Fortunately, she was beat out by “12 Years A Slave” actress Lupita Nyong and spared another set of stairs to climb.

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Sources: NY Daily News, ABC


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