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Jennifer Lawrence Trips During 2013 Oscars (Video)

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most talented actresses in the business today. In the span of what feels like just a few years, she has not only burst onto the scene as a commercially viable brand name, she has also recorded more legitimate performing accolades than just about anyone else in her age bracket. There is no denying that she is supremely talented when it comes to her craft.

All of that being said – Lawrence seems a bit accident prone.

First there was her mishap at this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, when the 22-year-old ripped her dress as she was walking towards the stage. Then, this past Sunday night at the Oscars, Lawrence experienced another mild embarrassment as she was walking up the stage to accept her ‘Best Actress’ award.

Check it out:

After the fact, a reporter asked Lawrence what her reaction was when she fell.

Her response: “A bad word that I can't stay that starts with 'F.'"


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