Jennifer Lawrence is Not Getting Back with her Ex-Boyfriend

Though rumors have been circulating about Jennifer Lawrence possibly getting back together with her ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult, sources are now saying that the two were together for a friendly catch-up.

Because Hoult lives in London and Lawrence lives in Los Angeles, the two rarely get to see one another.

"Jennifer and Nicholas are not back together, their dinner date was innocent," a source says. "They are still very close friends, despite their break up, and regularly text or phone each other from across the pond. With Nicholas being in Los Angeles for business meetings, it gave them the chance to get together and catch up on what's going on."

The source also said neither of them want to get into a relationship.

"Both of them are so busy with work right now that they just don't have time to commit to a relationship. But they still want to remain close friends, simply because they just love each other's company so much. They're not ruling out getting back together in the future, but for the moment they are just very close friends."

Sources: ICYDK


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