Video: Jennifer Aniston "Sex Tape": Successful or Pathetic?


Jennifer Aniston has a sex tape, of sorts.

The former Friends star is trying to go viral with a video, jokingly marketed as ‘Jen Aniston’s Sex Tape’, in an effort to promote bottled water brand Smartwater.

The 42-year-old actress has enlisted the help of puppies, a talking parrot, CGI babies and a team of internet geeks to help her with her mission.

Aniston jokes her way through the video, looking at things that usually go viral on the internet, in an effort to go viral herself.

Thus why it is called “Jen Aniston’s sex tape”, but is actually nothing of the sort.

It doesn’t induce side-splitting laughter and there was no squee-ing at the puppies.

Although kicking the guy in his nether regions was slightly amusing.

What do you think? Will it go viral or will it bomb?


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