Is Jennifer Aniston Getting Played by Justin Theroux?

Will Jennifer Aniston get burned yet again by another guy?

Some insiders are saying "yes."

“Justin will never marry her,” Wanderlust composer Craig Wedren told InTouch Weekly Magazine about Justin Theroux’s whirlwind romance with Jennifer.

“He's not the marrying type, as you can see from the 14-year relationship he was in that didn't end in marriage. He is not the kind of guy to be owned. He totally lied to Heidi and broke her heart,” said Wedren referring to Jason’s ex Heidi Bivens.

They say opposites attract, but the differences between the chirpy actress and bad boy screenplay writer have already begun to show. “Jen is the complete opposite of Justin," said a source. “She's all about Malibu and shopping and trying to stay young while Justin is about being an artist.”

Justin reportedly turned down the chance to star in Friends, the TV show which made Jennifer a household name, claiming that he would “hang himself” if he got tied into a long TV contract.

“The last place Jen would want to go in New York would be a dive bar,” said a friend who claims Justin is a regular fixture in certain New York dive bars. Jennifer, however, is regularly spotted at the fancy Tower Bar in the Sunset Towers Hotel.

But despite their differences, Jennifer and Justin have been inseparable in recent months with rumors swirling of a possible pregnancy and wedding reported in this week's US Magazine. “This is the guy she wants to grow old with," said the friend. "She is head over heels in love with him.”


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