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Jennifer Aniston Gets Handbag Instead of Engagement Ring

Jennifer Aniston received a fancy handbag from her boyfriend Justin Theroux for Christmas, but it seems she was really expecting an engagement ring and proposal!

Insiders said Jennifer was really angry and they got into a huge fight.

“She was all set to say ‘yes,’” a source reveals. “She was stunned. She started fighting with Justin, and the fight lasted for days.”

Justin grew tired of Jennifer’s attitude and took off on his motorcycle to stay at a friend’s place in NYC’s Lower East Side.

“He needed space,” the source adds. “Jen feels she’s putting so much into the relationship and Justin should commit to her, but she should be careful about putting him under too much pressure.”

Jennifer and Justin apparently tried to make amends and headed off on their planned trip to Colorado. But Justin reportedly hung out in their rental while Jen hit the slopes and hung out with her pal Chelsea Handler.

The former “Friends” star began dating Theroux when he was still living with his girlfriend of 14 years, Heidi Bivens, dropped his longtime girlfriend to be with the actress.

But did Jen really think if Justin hadn’t married Heidi after 14 years of dating that he’d want to marry her?


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