Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Planning to Have Kids?

After their engagement in August (which sooo wasn't timed to distract from the impending Jolie-Pitt nuptials, OK, so don't even say it was, because it wasn't) the pair have talked about starting a family.

Justin reportedly told Jen that he wanted her to be the mother of his mini-Therouxses on the day he proposed to her, which was also his birthday. Way to make our birthday trips to the Wacky Warehouse look a bit shit, Justin! A source close to the couple told Us magazine:

"The night he proposed, he told Jen that he wanted her to have his child. She's been joking that in a perfect world it will happen on the wedding night."

Jennifer, it seems, isn't averse to getting knocked up before the big day, with the source saying:

"In truth, she'll be overjoyed whenever it happens; if that means she has to walk down the aisle with a baby bump and do her toasts with apple cider, then so be it

"It's no secret she wanted a baby yesterday, so they're not wasting any time. She's not in denial; she knows it may be difficult."

We feel at this point it'd be a good idea to point out that apple cider isn't actually alcoholic, and that she won't acually be planning on knocking back a pint of Strongbow to celebrate her big day (and big bump).

And so, as we contemplate what an Aniston-Theroux baby would look like (and how early Jen would try to persuade it to 'fix' its nose...) we raise a glass of White Lightning to the happy couple, and wish them all the best.


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