Jeff Conaway’s Family Requests Autopsy to Rule Out Foul Play


The family of the now deceased Jeff Conaway is demanding for an autopsy to be performed on the former actor.

The reason behind the family demand is that they want to rule out foul play involving the death.

Conaway’s ex-fiancée, Vikki Spinoza, has become the subject of suspicion surrounding the death. While Conaway and Spinoza were still together, he accused her of injecting him with painkillers before intentionally causing a police investigation.

The family later placed a restraining order on Spinoza, banning her from visiting Jeff in the hospital before he passed.

The family is aware of Conaway’s obvious prescription drug abuse, but they say they need the autopsy result in order to put their minds at ease.

The results will take up to six weeks to become available.

Today, family and friends had a gathering to share memories about Jeff and were also joined by his ‘Grease’ co-star, John Travolta. Travolta is also said to have delivered flowers and food to the family to show his support.

The family has decided to have the body cremated once the autopsy is complete.


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