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Listen: The Jane Doze

Originally from Pennsylvania, Jane Doze front-women Jen and Claire now live in New York City, where they produce and perform some of the best EDM mixes out there.

So far, they strictly make mash-ups but they look forward to creating an original song in the future. Their name comes from the common name for an unknown female,"Jane Doe," but they wanted to make it plural, which led to "Jane Doze."

Another goal for the talented duo is to play one of the most famous music festivals: Coachella. With their talent and style, I know this is possible.

They create awesome mash-ups using only top-notch songs and hypnotic beats. They're versatile as well: they'll mix electro with trap, with house. It's incredible how well everything blends together, and how the music continues to keep your attention, with musical surprises around every corner. I listened to their entire 45-minute mix "Haus of Doze" and didn't skip one glorious minute.

Keep these girls on your radar…they're not going away.

P.S. This is a free download! They're generous too!


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