Jay-Z Talks About Selling Crack and Shooting His Brother


Jay-Z is out promoting his new book, and in an interview with The Guardian, he finally talks about his past selling crack, and how, when he was 12, he shot his older brother for stealing a ring.

Despite his brother and his father being addicted to crack, Jay-Z started selling the drug when he was 11. He says he never realized it was destroying people. He just thought he was making a living.

"You just think people are buying your service, and it's so normal, you just think you're coming of age. It's everywhere. The smell, the stench is in the hallway – that's one of the things about the crack epidemic, people had lost their sense of pride... The desperation."

He says that through his entire time on the streets, he never touched crack. As for shooting his brother, he says that his brother stole a ring from Jay, so Jay went to a friend's house, got a gun and shot his brother in the shoulder. His brother refused to press charges and even apologized to Jay.

Jay also said it was the only time he ever shot someone. He was involved in other shoot outs and was shot at three other times, but was never hit and never hit anyone else. It is a fascinating interview.


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