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Jay-Z Refuses to Clap for Chris Brown at the VMAs

Last night on MTV's Video Music Awards, Chris Brown gave a strong performance of his tune 'Beautiful People,' which elicited cheers from almost everyone, except rapper Jay-Z who refused to even crack a smile. It may be because Jay-Z is the man who discovered Rihanna, whom he is reportedly still good friends with.

In a lighter moment, Kanye West and Jay-Z took the stage for a "surprise" performance of their song 'Otis' early in the show. At one point, a fan jumped on stage behind them in the middle of their performance, prompting a quick response from the MTV security team.

Finally, of course, was the big moment when Jay-Z's wife Beyoncé announced to the world that they were expecting their first child. reports that Jay-Z said, "That was an eventful night, to say the least," while friends backstage showered him with congratulations and hugs.

In more VMA news, Britney Spears returned for the first time in three years to receive the Vanguard Lifetime Achievement Award, but her speech was interrupted by Lady Gaga who apparently wanted a kiss (recalling the famous Britney-Madonna smooch).


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